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Tsvetina Petkova Tsvetina Petkova

The founder and engine of the project is Tsvetina Petkova - an adventurer by vocation and a lawyer by education. She graduated from the New Bulgarian University and then practiced for years her law career. Currently she is a legal consultant for „Rent without rent“ and other non-governmental organizations.

One day she becomes a flight attendant in Dubai, where she starts travelling around the world. This way she rediscovers her roots in Bulgaria and decides to return to her homeland to help for its development with everything she has seen, learnt and experienced throughout the world.

„After a nearly two-year trip around the world, I clearly felt attraction to my roots and my belonging. So I made a conscious decision to return to my Motherland where we have everything we need for a peaceful, fulfilling and beautiful life. I do believe in change with a personal example - here and now. Bulgaria is full not only with beautiful nature, Bulgaria is full of many beautiful people as well. Changing the look of our villages depends only on us. Step by Step. I have already made the first step and I know that many of you will follow us. We will meet there - near the breathtaking and green Balkan.“

The team was formed on the fly by spreading the project by word of mouth. Currently we have about 10 active volunteers covering different spheres such as restoring the Villa ZeliKulla and enriching the yard, communication, creating visual materials, partnerships and generating ideas for events and activities.

The core of people who has been formed for the past year (from the spring of 2017 to the present - May 2018), counts over 50 people. These are people from the business, social entrepreneurs, artists, construction experts, experts in tourism, representatives of the local businesses on the territory of Botevgrad Municipality, sports organizations, as well as representatives from the NGO sector in Bulgaria.

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Tsvetina Petkova

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